Thursday, January 27, 2005

Let's Stamp Out Drinkism

After just sampling KFC yummy mini-fillet I decided I wanted a drink. Sadly like all other fast food boutiques unless you like brown stuff or clear stuff you don’t have much choice in the liquid refreshment area. Quite frankly I have had enough. I think it is time we united and started a soft drink cause. The aim? To get the lurid glowing orange liquid, made in Scotland from Girders, known as Irn Bru the recognition it deserves. In Scotland it is a recognised hang over cure. In Russia it is one of the most popular soft drinks yet in England it seems to lag. Yes it may be full of sugar and yes it may be an unnatural colour but it is also very refreshing and, I feel, would go will with fast food meals in golden arches and finger licking good joints around the country.

It’s not only Fast Food that snubs this great drink. Pubs don’t offer it on their hideous drink guns (which always seem to alter the taste of your favourite brands) and supermarkets seem almost embarrassed to sell it. Rows upon rows of the dark brown liquid and just six or so bottles of Irn Bru hidden away at the end of the shelf. Even the Government once shunned Irn Bru. During World War 2, Irn Bru was not recognised as a "standard drink" by the Government, so disappeared from the shelves of shops for the duration of the war.

I’m proud to say that my constant pestering of my bar manager finally convinced them to stock it where I work – which has made my lunch breaks a happier time. Do you know what? It’s selling better than the clear liquid, 1 up from 6 that it replaced!

So Irn Bru fans unite, the movement starts here!

Some more Irn Bru Facts

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