Friday, February 27, 2009

I Hate Trekkies

The thing that really narks me about the forth-coming Star Trek film is that we
know they all survive. We know they go on to have a five year mission. That was
the problem with the Star Wars prequals too... we knew the outcome therefore
there was no sense of danger. Prequals suck.

A typical post on a Star Trek fandom board. It depresses me.

It also makes no sense.

If there's no sense of excitement then how come Warner Brother's Harry Potter series are so successful? Or New Line's Lord Of The Rings trilogy? Both film series where the full outcomes are available to read in printed form should you be bothered.

What of the Star Trek series when they were first shown on TV? We all knew the actors were tied down to 7 year contracts when watching the Next Generation therefore we all knew the status quo would be resumed by the end of the episode - did that really make the story any less dramatic? Of course not.

Only one TV series has ever managed to shock and awe with dramatic exits on characters and that's [spooks]. From deep fat fryers to carbombs you never know who is going to survive an episode - it's genius. But I wouldn't want all TV like that - things would just get too tense.

Paramount Pictures has given Star Trek a second chance (actually it's probably on it's fifth life by now) despite a dull previous film and dreary series in Enterprise the film studio is still willing to pump hundreds of millions pounds into the franchise. We, as Trekkies should be thankful but all I see is constant moaning;

'The warp nacelles are too bulky'
'The uniforms look dumb'
'Kirk should be more rugged'
'The bridge looks like an Apple store'

And to think that one of Star Trek's original mantras was 'infitnite diversity in infinite combinations'.

I for one can't wait. It looks awesome. It looks fresh but most of all - it's NEW frickin' STAR TREK!