Monday, July 17, 2006


Something just happened to me which has only ever happened to me once before. I also thought that it would never happen again. I got ID’d. Not in a pub either – but in a supermarket. The offending items were 2 bottles of Rosé for consummation with my evening meal.

It first I was baffled when she asked for my ID. I thought she was joking.


“Have you got any I.D? You know driving license or passport.”

“I’m 26…” I replied bluntly.

“Yes but I’m just doing my job, I can ask anyone.”

Thing is there is ‘just doing your job’ and then there’s taking the piss. The ultimate irony, as I explained, is that I’m a manager… at a bar.

“So you’ve no ID?” she asked once again with a sceptical look. I hadn’t of course – considering I haven’t’ needed to carry any for 5 years.

Still I got immense satisfaction from telling the dozy old cow at Morrison’s Hereford where to shove the rest of the shopping. It’s a shame I won’t be shopping there again because I’d just discovered a pickled onion flavour cheese in their market range.

Part of me should be flattered that she thought I might be under 18 but I know what I look like – there’s no way I look that young. She’s was just a dumb old jobs worth with no grip on reality.


dazzle_v2003 said...

Totally agree!!!! said...

Morissons Hereford sucks, well so does Morissons. Gotta see the funny side of it though...

Anonymous said...

Hey Leon,

Stranger from the past - Jen that you used to do scenery at sixth form with - somehow stumbled across your blog on myspace. Just to console you on the ID front - I got told I couldn't sample food (a piece of sausage) off the counter in Asda the other day unless my Mum was with me!

smeg_head said...

Wow, Hi Jen, how's things? So what have you been up to in the years since we last met?

Great to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Am living Bristol at the moment doing a part time primary PGCE! Not back in Hereford much but my brother still lives there and is a regular at your quiz.