Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rita | Alton Towers

Rita | Alton Towers
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Stepping into the car park filled us with dread. It was pouring down, proper rain too not just drizzle. As much as I adore Alton Towers a visit in a downpour isn't great.

Thankfully a monorail ride later and the sky had become miraculously sunny and blue.

The day was the usual mix of thrills and soggy spills largely thanks to the excellent brand new Battle Galleons attraction great, great fun. Still it's the big guns I go for and Rita & Oblivion still have the adrenaline packing punch I crave.

The new Burger King stalls, replacing the park McDonalds are all simply awful. Very slow service, none of which is with a smile so we opted for KFC instead – though this wasn’t anywhere near as good as Rita’s Restaurant which we vow to return to next time.

I won’t waffle on about the trip to Alton as I mention it about twice a year on this blog. Suffice to say it was blooming marvellous.

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