Friday, March 19, 2004

Birthday Binge Drinking

Well I'm now 24.

Last night was spent getting slowly intoxicated on fermented vegetable products. It's strange that to celebrate something we often spend the night making sure we forget everything the next morning. Perhaps it's age but that now longer appeals to me. I no longer enjoy drinking heavily. The government and their new anti-binge drinkers could use me a role model.

In fact in some respects I agree with them. I used to love Thursday nights at my local club - great music, friendly atmosphere and a funny DJ. Now they have introduced one of these £10-all-in offers which really brings the morons out of the woodwork. There's unbelievable pushing and shoving at the bar as they scramble for drinks - whatever happened to the British art of queuing?

Girls think just flashing a bit of skin will enable them to push in then 30-somethings think they deserve to push in anyway. Perhaps they're bitter because statistically they've got less minutes left alive, or less hair.

Anyway call me old fashioned - or just old, but these days I'd rather curl up on the sofa with a DVD and a nice bottle of wine.

Then again the after-club 'ritual of the Kebab' was nice...

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