Thursday, November 18, 2004

A Blog's life...

Don't worry I haven't forgotton about my planned Devon week on the Blog, I Just want to do a bit of research before I start so I get my facts right.

In the meantime I wanted to find something else to Blog about. What worries me is that I haven't. Is my life that boring that I can't even fill up an occaisional post on here? Got up, went to town, did some Xmas shopping, had a Starbucks, got home, watched Band Aid and now online. Predicatable.

So I think a resolution for 2005 is to make life more interesting. But how do I do it? Finally summon up the courage to become a home owner? Change of career? Perhaps try and travel more or try and broaden my social life? Perhaps I coulue, no thanks whatsoever to the Democratic standard-dropper, John Kerry."

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