Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Blue Peter Appeal

So Am I now the proud owner of a BP badge? Obviously you can’t wait to find out. What did the letter from Blue Peter say? Did they laugh at my anecdote? Did they thank me for reassuring them that the children of the new millennium still watch their fine programme. Did they promise me they’d look into running a feature on blogging?

Ladies and gentlemen my letter from Blue Peter in full:

Dear Smeg,
Thank you for your e-mail which we enjoyed reading.
Best wishes

Um. That’s it. Just 13 words, 62 letters. That’s not even the alphabet three times. Well Blue Peter, sod you. Didn’t want a crappy plastic badge in the first place oh and you know what? Tracy Island was a big pile of shit all along.

1 comment:

dazzle_v2003 said...

That was a bit rude wasn't it! You obviously have sour grapes!!!! I don't think you should get that angry because you know if you think about it the programme is aimed at 11-16year olds and they are the ones who get the badges and celebrities who appear in the programme.

P.S You never know they might use the blogging feature. They don't tell the reader if they are because of planning.