Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuning In

I’ve long been a fan of radio. I can remember sneakily listening to my Crown Walkman, the size of a small family car and covered in Ghostbusters stickers, under my duvet when I should have been asleep. I was captivated by Phil Kennedy on The Superstaion (the nightly national service all local radio used to link up to in the 80s). He had a section where he encouraged listeners to flash their lights to cause surges in the national grid. Before it was bought out by GWR (now Gcap) and went shit I used to listen to Wyvern FM. Ed Douglas, Sammy Southall & Sheldon James used to enthral me.

Then I moved to Radio 1. Largely encouraged by Chris Evans Breakfast show. But now Scott Mills & Chris Moyles are daily listens. Failing that I’ll tune into Radio 2 or talkSPORT. Ian Collins is still a legend.

My radio habits have changed drastically lately. I mainly listen via the BBC’s listen again. Though, despite my broadband I tire of it stalling and occasionally sounding like its being broadcast down a long echoey metal pipe. I have to have music on when I’m working or on the PC. But other than listen again my only option was iTunes or a portable battery powered radio. (The HiFI is downstairs.)

So I’ve finally taken the plunge and today purchased my first DAB radio. For years I’ve dreamed of owning the PURE evoke II. A work of art that many enthusiasts constantly big up. Sadly I couldn’t justify the £120 + on just a radio – Especially when Herefordshire only has around 15 DAB stations.

Today I bought a Tesco own brand radio. £40. Don’t laugh, it’s actually a surprisingly good quality build. Nice and heavy and gorgeous finish. It’s certainly evoking the Evoke. The sound is superb. Slightly lacking in bass but it does have a line out so I could always get some external speakers to cure that. Instantly I’ve fallen in love with 6music. BBC Radio 7’s repeats of 'Dead Ringers' & 'On The Hour' are a must and, of course, I can finally listen to Virgin & Talksport without the old AM hiss.
OK, I haven’t got the ability to record & pause radio like more expensive models – but Listen Again provides that service perfectly. So, about 5 years over due I’m finally all Dabbed up – and couldn’t be happier!

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Dunc said...

Ahhh I remember Wyvern FM :) It used to be great.. and especially Sammy Southall. he used to do a show called the 'morning zoo' with foxy (Neil Fox aka Dr Fox of capital radio and the telly!) and some bird called Dody (Elenor oldroyd... went to radio one i think doing travel). That show was brilliant. This is going back into the early 80s way before radio 1 dj's were doing the zoo format radio shows. I live in worcestershire and still listen to wyvern, but like you say, they went crap when gwr bought them out.