Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Junk Mail

“Recycle, save paper, turn off your electric and walk to work.” The constant stream of patronising advice coming from the TV screens nationwide all getting us to change our habits and save the world. The problem is I’m really not going to go into full green mode until I see some effort on commerce’s part.

Have you been to town this week? If so have you noticed all the shops with their doors wide open? You know, shops that also have all their heaters on full blast to replace heat lost through those wide open doors. Perhaps you walked through town in the evening and were safely illuminated by all those empty shops with all their lights on? These are both examples of heinous carbon crimes that need sorting out. The worst though is junk mail.

This morning I received a letter telling me I have been approved for a credit card. The same bank sent me the same letter just a fortnight ago. I get, on average, two of these letters from different credit card companies every week and have done for the last decade. Not once have I returned one of these letters agreeing to help rush me into a few thousand pounds worth of debt. They have all been shredded.

I do not own a credit card and most likely never will – they’re evil. So why do I get these letters constantly? Surely they can see that I have never replied why waste time and around 5 sheets of paper per bank asking me? If I really ever do want a credit card then I will happily wander off to the banks I’m already with to look into it.

If the government really wants the public to go green then they should set about curbing these bad examples first.


Wonder Woman said...

The Government is too scared of Big Business to do anything. Shops are ruled by the Marketing Mafia. The doors are open because ' they make the store 'open'. If the doors were shut people would walk past'. Lights are left on to show people the store exists. And if you think I'm joking I'm an Energy Manager for a large retail chain and I'm fighting the good fight every day.

Chris said...

... no matter what you do, by the time you do it, China would've built two new power stations.