Friday, April 20, 2007

The Most Random Post In The World Ever!

Beards. Not sure where I stand on them. Possibly one of the most pointless side effects of being male. I hate shaving, I have delicately soft, sensitive skin so it usually results in a mild rash and it’s also an annoying waste of 10 minutes in the morning. That said I’ve never cared to hide behind face fuzz.

“You’re always well shaven – in fact I’ve never seen you with stubble” said a colleague last week at work. Thus the gauntlet was thrown and the beard experiment began. It was starting to look good too but yesterday I felt so rough and ill that I wanted something, no anything that would make me look a little better and thus the beard went. I’m not sure if it suited me. Miss Smeg hated it but still it was the most hairy faced I’ve ever been.

British Gas are a bunch of tossers. Last years they tried to con me out of almost £200 and then threatened to take me to court when I demanded it back. Basically they’d got out house mixed up with one with the same number on a side street up the road. Despite having a different meter number they wouldn’t believe us and it took 6 months and two calls to Energy Watch to sort it out. So, this morning when I read that they’ve had a huge surge in complaints my reaction was simply “haaa ha ha ha haaaa ha ha ha ha ha hah ah ah haha ha ha ha….. ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hhahhhaaaa giggle ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha hahaha chortle ha ha h a.”

“haha cough ha ha”

Immature yes. But joyous.

Finally one of my all time favourite games is out on the Wii Virtual Console today. After the bitter disappointment that was Starfox on the DS, the classic N64 game LylatWars is finally re-released. This is what I’ve been waiting for so excuse me while I bugger off an download it. Marvellous!

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dazzle_v2003 said...

I don't think you would suit a beard! I have very sensitive skin and when i shave i have the same problem.