Thursday, April 19, 2007

WTF Is Going On?

Seriously, I’ve had enough. In the space of 2 & half months I’m now onto my forth cold. Today has been spent coughing and spluttering around. Tonight my nose is leakier than Thames Water’s pipes.

Perhaps I’m being punished for the fact that previously I’d only had one cold in over 18months (but O did have a lovely stomach bug in October, I doubt you really want to know about that… still I got to know the bathroom quite intimately.) but now I feel I’ve served my time. Once again my nose is red raw and I can’t sleep for longer than an hour without waking to a coughing fit. It’s also seriously hampering my great beard experiment.

Still there’s good news. Merlin have released a second volume of Doctor Who stickers and I get to spend a second summer re-living my childhood. Start practicing… with sincerity… “No, they’re not for me, my nephew… he’s mad on Doctor Who….*ahem*”

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