Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Behind The Screens

Do you ever want to go places you’re never allowed to go? You know when you’re somewhere and see a ‘staff only’ sign? Do you ever wonder what goes on behind those doors. I certainly do. When I used to teach, people seemed fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes. When I used to say to people ‘I’m a teacher’ quite often the first question would be ‘ohh go on, what do you really say about the kids when you’re in the staff room?’ Truth is that yes we did indeed name and shame ‘little shits’ and big up the little angels. Same goes for my current job, people often ask if they can see what the machines are like where I work.

There are a number of jobs that probably promote this general interest, fire fighters and train drivers are two I can think of. I’ve also often wondered what a Royal Mail sorting office looks like – how do the letter sorters work?

One thing I’ve always wondered about is cinemas. How exactly does a projector work? tonight I have been invited behind the scenes of the Monmouth Savoy Theatre to find out exactly that. More soon…

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