Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dodgy Fate

Do you believe in fate? What about co-incidence? Well I do and recent events hammered it home to me in eerie fashion.

You ever wake up and just can’t get a song out of your head? Bizarrely this is a song that isn’t current – it’s 11 years old and wasn’t even a single release. So I woke up with the urge to sing it. I padded to the bathroom still singing then down to the kitchen singing it more while making coffee. Even watching TV didn’t free my mind from the musical vice it was caught in.

Thus I headed back upstairs and booted my faithful PC up, letting iTunes load which, as usual was set to ‘shuffle’. Low and behold what’s the first song that plays? ‘Longlife’ by Dodgy, the very track that had been in my head all morning. How creepy is that?

But this isn’t where the tale ends. For the dark arts must have been smiling as I decided to do a web search for Dodgy. Their official site has long ago closed, for Dodgy disbanded following the 2001 album ‘Real Estate’ (which its self wasn’t the original line up). Last year I was overjoyed that Nigel Clark the ex-lead singer, released a solo album – which happily was brilliant and filled a gap in my little Dodgy hole. You see throughout my formative years Dodgy were, and still are, my favourite band. A few weeks go on here I published my ‘live list’ - a list of bands I’ve seen live, there were two notable omissions. My two favourite bands Dodgy & Queen. Neither of which I ever got to see.

Anyway, back to the story and I stumble across the official Dodgy Myspace page and there, glaring back at me, is some earth shattering news. A new album is coming out in October! But that wasn't the best part... It seems that Dodgy are reuniting – the original lineup back on tour for the first time in almost a decade. So, a little nugget of a song stuck in my head all morning lead to the discovery of some of the best news in ages – I will finally get to see my favourite band live! You have to admit it’s creepy… but there was one more revelation. The date and venue is exactly the same as the date and venue of when I went to see my current favourite band of the moment ‘The Feeling’ last year.

Some things really are just meant to be…

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