Monday, June 25, 2007

The Live List

Please excuse my self indulgence as, following my trip to The O2 this weekend, I update the list of acts I have seen live:

Basement Jaxx
Kaiser Chiefs
Tom Jones
Kylie Minogue
The Feeling
Chesney Hawkes
Liberty X
So Solid Crew
Jools Holland
Atomic Kitten
Robbie Williams
David Bowie
George Micheal
Bryan Adams
The Corrs
The Eurthymics
Catatonia (Twice – the first being my first live gig.)

Excuse some of the dodgy gigs midway down the list – lets just blame it on a few University summer balls. Quite a few big names, which I’m chuffed about. Which were the best? Kylie, Robbie, The Feeling and Basement Jaxx by far. They just managed to get the crowd going and the atmosphere buzzing perfectly.

Bush & So Solid were probably the worst, just boring. Kaiser Chief’s is an odd one because I love their stuff however hearing it all back to back in one hour it just became very samey. Tom Jones took a good half hour to get going. Cerys Matthews made the mistake of proclaiming “It’s good to be back in Wales!” as she came on stage… despite the fact she was in Hereford UK. Let’s just say the crowd weren’t on her side. George Michael was surprisingly rubbish to, he just sat there and made little effort – I hope the more recent Wembley gigs were more satisfying.

Still to come – Scissor Sisters and Take That. One of which I’m not overly looking forward too, I’ll let you know the results later this year!

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