Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Chemical Romance

Thanks to some itchiness I’ve been using eyewash lately. Just rinsing them out now and then and refreshing them. As I swilled the ‘natural plant extracts’ around my bloodshot irises I postulated how society coped without such remedies? Also who was the first person brave enough to try out the eyewash? How could they be sure it wouldn’t blind them? This made me think more. Our bodies are subjected to a huge variety of chemicals every day. From the hundreds of chemicals in a cup of coffee to the formula used in your shampoo. Sometimes these concoctions do provide a reaction. A nasty rash or itch when you use a different brand of fabric softener. Strangely we think nothing of it. Fact is this is a negative chemical reaction.

Products are probably tested before being released – new recipes especially. So I doubt there’s any danger of anyone gaining mutated super powers from a blast of a new type of deodorant. Then I had another thought. How can food companies be sure that a chemical in product ‘A’ wont react to a chemical in product ‘B’. Last year the reaction caused when Mentos were dropped into Diet Coke caused a sensation on Youtube.What’s to say something like this couldn’t happen with two other entirely random food products – inside you!? Is it actually safe to eat a Big Mac and follow it up with, say, a polo? Am I going to explode if I drink Irn Bru with my Sherbert Fountain?

Of course we all know the dangers of eating a high fat diet but surely there must be something to all the different chemicals we consume or use on our body? Anyway, seeing as I’ve just eaten some the brand new Starburst Choosers I might now just wait a while before I drink my cider.

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