Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coughs & Sneezes

Remember when you were young? Remember when you had a cold? Perhaps it’s those demon rose-tinted goggles haunting me again but I’m sure I was only ever ill for a day or two with a cold. Mum would send me off to school with an Olbas Oil soaked hanky and a bundle of tissue and that would be that. Of course I did have the most unsympathetic mum for being ill – she’s a qualified nurse you see. Only if I had a terminal case could I ever get the day off. Still after one day of sniffles I’d be right as rain.

Not these days oh no. Colds now seem to last me over a month. The bugger I have at the moment first surfaced 7 weeks ago. It turned into a bed-rattling cough only to disperse after a week. Then, 4 weeks ago it returned and went through the same motions. The constant running nose became a horrible retch-inducing cough which lasted a week then went again.

Now here we are again, on Friday my nose started running again. Today it’s sore from constant wiping and blowing and the first signs of the cough have begun to show. Apart from buying shares in Beechams I know not what to do. I don’t want to bother the Doctor with what is just a cold but if the cough mutates once again like it did the last two times then Wednesday & Thursday nights are going to be largely sleepless.

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