Saturday, December 02, 2006

First Night

Last night was my first Xmas gig of 2006. I restrained from playing Xmas tunes and instead belted out all the cheesy party classics that I’ll be sick of by the 23rd. It was an odd night, a small crowd. It started off shakily as no one seemed enthusiastic. It may be December 1st but Xmas still seems far off despite the twinkling of the fairy lights enveloping the room.

I was also plagued by faulty CD players. For most of the night I was managing on an iPod and one CD player which was a bit stressful. I didn’t really care about me looking shit when the CD stopped playing halfway through a song, at heart I knew it was the equipment not me but I was concerned that it was spoiling the enjoyment of the party goers.

Thankfully a pissed game of music chairs lifted everyone’s spirits and it was back on with the music.

Tonight I will hopefully have a brand new CD deck and, ready for the quiz on Sunday a brand new mixer – which should save me lugging the heavy existing one up and down stairs probably the cause of said faulty CDs!

Xmas night 1: 7/10

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