Friday, December 08, 2006

Wii Came, Wii Saw, Wii Conquered

It’s possibly the earliest I’ve been awake all year. Just before 7am this morning I left the house to trudge, bleary eyed, to Game. I arrived to find I was officially the third Wii owner of the day.

After a bit of faffing around with synching the Wii-motes up I finally launched into Wii Sports and I wasn’t disappointed. The control is brilliant and just as sensitive & responsive as it’s been hyped to be. Yes it does take a bit of getting used to but all games are playable in minutes and after half an hour you start to master the quirks of the controller. The addition of a speaker into the remote really adds to the experience with sounds of the games whooshing from your hands to your TV.

I’m officially hooked. The baseball is tricky but 10-pin I already have down to an art. I admit I’m slightly disappointed with the content of Wii Play (apart from the cool Tanks game) but it’s worth it for the second controller. I’ve already designed a Mii (though can’t quite get the hair right) and I’m now resisting the urge to download Mario 64.

Gaming is fun again!

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