Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here Wii Go

It’s weird but I thought my Gamecube would be the last console I would ever buy. I didn’t find the games a compelling as my N64 or Megadrive and ultimately decided perhaps I’d finally grown up. Then around 12 months ago I heard about the ‘Nintendo Revolution’. I knew gaming was still a passionate interest of mine. The DS had rekindled the flame and games such as Mario Kart and Wario Ware had got me playing daily once more.

There’s something about the Wii though that has really got me excited. It’s games that finally you can actually physically play. Even Miss Smeg has mild excitement about the new console.

PS3 looks amazing and undoubtedly it will be. But does it really offer anything new other than refined graphics and faster processing?

Wii is the first step to truly realising virtual reality without having to use those ugly bulky headsets of the 90s. It’s still years away but with Nintendo finally realising a fully interactive control device, gaming is exciting once more.

Of course there is a problem. I haven’t actually seen a Wii yet let alone touched one so it could all end in bitter disappointment. I mean surely it can’t be as interactive as it makes out? It’s not going to be the fluid response the adverts are making out is it?

I’ll let you know in 24 hours…

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