Friday, December 01, 2006

Quiz TV

The government is planning to clamp down on the TV Quiz Channels. I must say I’m glad. After 10pm they clog up Freeview relentlessly, which is frustrating as upon returning from work after that time at night I’d quite enjoy watching some intelligent programming instead of morons calling in dumb answers to air headed presenters.

The government have argued that these TV channels are ripping off the UK public. Charging at least 60p per call which isn’t even guaranteed to connect. You have a 1-7000 chance of actually winning on these shows.

If you’re foolish enough to call these programmes then you deserve losing your money. One man complained he’d spent £300 calling shows like ‘The Mint’ and ‘Quizcall’. My feeling was simply ‘And?’ The channels do actually clearly state the rules and the costs at all time – that’s why I’ve never called in! No one forced this gentleman and others like him to take part, he’s only got himself to blame. Still though, the government want to clamp down on this ‘rip off’.

Odd though, that no one mentions the government’s own Quiz… the one that costs at least £1 a go (40% more expensive that the quiz channels) and the odds of winning are 14million-1. You’re far less likely to win at Lotto than you are at Quizmania yet for some reason that’s deemed perfectly acceptable…

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