Friday, February 16, 2007


I got stopped in the street by a kind looking, slightly bearded young woman this afternoon. I anticipated she was going to ask for directions and, as she wasn’t wearing a fluorescent tabard and lacked a clipboard, I popped my earphones out and acknowledged her.

“Hi, I just wondered if I could ask you. Do you believe in God?” She smiled at me.

What business is it of hers? Religion and faith is a powerful and personal thing. Who, or what I believe in should be of no concern to anyone else and it’s precisely these sorts of people that cause a lot of problems.

Have faith, celebrate your religion but you shouldn’t give flying toss about what anyone else believes in. I decided to just walk on and ignore her. To this minute I don’t know why she asked that, or what she expected but oddly she didn’t seem to stop anyone else in the street.

I do seem to attract weirdoes. Minutes later in Vision Express helping Miss Smeg choose a new pair of frames I watched a man talking to himself. Not the occasional muttering under your breath that most of us absent-mindedly do now and then but a full blown, loud monologue.

“Hmm, mens, ladies, designer. Wow, designer… ohhh. Pricey. I think I will stick with simple frame. Ooooh good grief.” He exclaimed.

“The public are weird.” Miss Smeg muttered.

I couldn’t agree more.

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