Thursday, May 20, 2004

Fetch The Engine, Fetch The Engine

Firefighters in parts of Tayside and Glasgow have been taking part in a work to rule as part of unofficial industrial action. The move was in support of colleagues in Greater Manchester who have been suspended for refusing to use new major incident equipment.

The problem is this time they are not going to get the public support.

Personally I feel they are downright selfish. They winge that they don’t get enough money for the danger they are put in. Um, hello – there’s a big clue in the name of the job title ‘FIREFIGHTER’ the risks of the job are obvious when you join up – if you don’t want to put yourself into that danger then don’t go into firefighting.

What about the amount of money they’re on? I’d love to be paid that much! There are people out there in the community doing just as important jobs for society that don’t get paid anywhere near as much. Look at Nursery Teachers – they are criminally under paid – not even £10,000 PA. Firefighters can expect anywhere up to and over £17,000+ OK so they save lives but Nursery Nurses help to lay the foundations to develop lives – just as important. Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, etc all deserve more but the fact they don’t constantly winge about it leaves them with a lot more respect. One firefighter on the local news was trying to get pity as he ‘only’ got £23,000 p.a. oh dear my heart bleeds for you – I know many, many people that work extremely hard getting a lot, lot less.

Perhaps if fire fighters actually did what they were supposed to rather than moaning and groaning all the time the government might not be so hesitant to give them the money they want.

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