Friday, May 14, 2004

Whack's Away

Last night I did something reasonably exciting for me. I went to the theatre. Our local theatre is now six years old and not once have they had anything on stage that remotely interests me. To me that screams of the fact that perhaps they actually haven’t got ‘the locals’ foremost on the list of importance. Instead they try to be all arty with opera singers and folk jazz. They regularly have gay & lesbian acts – weird considering this city doesn’t have a large gay or lesbian scene. (They all travel to nearby Cardiff & Brum for their entertainment!) They ignore the fact that this city has a large working class population (which I’m proud to be part of) which would far prefer a good stand up comic to some Vagina Monologues.

Anyway. Finally, after years of the annual ‘Sooty Show’ being the only thing I’d consider going to see, and believe me as soon as I have children I’ll be dragging them to see it – even if they’d rather watch ripoffemon, the theatre announced they are hosting Dave Gorman’s Google Whack Adventure. Sadly I’d already seen it – the fact that my local theatre doesn’t cater for me meant I’d been travelling to not-so-local theatres for my entertainment! This didn’t deter me from a second viewing which was every bit as enjoyable as the first, oh and the book (I recommend it highly if you’re in need of a read.)

The premise was that Mr. Gorman accidentally travels around the world meeting Googlewhacks by trying not to complete a bet to meet Googlewhacks! I don’t want to spoil anything else as a lot of the story works on its element of surprise suffice to say it is very, very funny.

Anyway in honour of the show I decided to set about finding a Googlewhack. Now I’m very very proud to say it only took me 3 hours and 37 miutes – and that’s without the Observer Crossword!

Here though we come across a problem. I want to tell you the Googlewhack I found, but, by doing that it would no longer be a Googlewhack. It was something like semolin@ unicyklist (I’ve spelt it wrong deliberately to preserve its googlewhackness.)

So if your bored this weekend why not find out what a googlewhack is then go find one yourself!

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