Sunday, May 23, 2004

Oh What A Night, Late May back in '04

So last night was my forth DJ gig since beginning this blog – the start of June heralds the start of a busy season – I’ll be Djing weddings & birthdays every week now for the next few months – on top of the weekly pub quiz I host.

Last night I provided music for a lovely couple. They introduced themselves by stating that they wanted none of that ‘hip hop or rap rubbish’ and thus I instantly warmed to them. I spent the night playing the more cheesy areas of the pop charts – there were a lot of kids present so I made sure S Club & Britney got a good airing as well as the ‘Chav.chav slide.’

The crowd took a while to find last night – I dithered with a bit of Motown, some Disco and dance but it wasn’t until I pulled Wham! out of the DJ case that I got them – and kept them there until 1am. It has to be said that one thing I have learnt from Djing is that the young are very arrogant about music. They are ignorant to the older people in the room and don’t understand that Hip Hop and what we now call R&B (which is an insult to proper Rhythm & Blues) isn’t actually that popular post-mid twenties. Also if they don’t hear something they like they vote with their feet and go to local nightclubs – something I consider very rude if you’ve been invited as a guest of a wedding. No matter though – they lost out as once I got the crowd going – about 10.35 (good considering I only started Djing at 10pm(ish)) it was a great night! 7 out of 10.

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