Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Devon Guide - Day Five

So what did we do on our final day in Devon? We had thoroughly enjoyed Plymouth at the start of the week despite a friend saying he hated it. He said Exeter was a far more exciting and interesting place. Well if we enjoyed Plymouth we were bound to enjoy Exeter. We decided to head up and around the M5 to spend a day shopping. We spent quite a while trying to find decent parking then more of a while fumbling for change. When we finally got to the city we were – well, disappointed. For a start there didn’t seem to be a central hub to the city. It just seemed to sprawl endlessly in a long strip. The Guildhall shopping centre was a depressing brick monstrosity that has completely boxed in the far more architecturally interesting St Pancreas Church.

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The saving grace Exeter had to offer was the underground passages. Sadly though due to my girlfriend’s claustrophobia we were advised not to visit them. It may turn out to be a missed opportunity, as these passages will close to the general public on 25th April 2005 at least until late 2007. The Cathedral was impressive to look at but lacking any interest in religion we didn’t really want to spend time there. Finally there was Parliament Street. This street is approximately 1220mm at its widest making it the world's narrowest street. But, because it’s not even sign posted, other than a small brass plaque we missed it!

By the time we left Exeter we decided we should have perhaps spent a second day in Plymouth. The city just didn’t appeal to us. Perhaps if we did more research before we went we could have found things worth looking at – then again shouldn’t a city make an effort to signpost points of interest? One aspect of Exeter we did enjoy was the bowling centre. Yes it was a busman’s visit but I do like a game of 10 Pin Bowling!

The next day we packed up our stuff and travelled home up the M5

A better guide to Exeter than I can offer.

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