Saturday, April 02, 2005

Who Nose?

Remember when car noses used to grace the nation’s automobiles for months on end after Red Nose Day had passed? Every other car would sport a faded plastic red lump on their car radiator for weeks. Be it the plain one, the one with hands or one with the comic splatting effect. These days car noses seem to have lost popularity. Is it a sign that the UK is losing its good sense of humour or just that image is more important that charity?

Looking around Morrisons car park I was relieved to see one or two of this years air fresheners dangling from peoples rear view mirrors. It’s just a shame that not as many bought these charity-boosting noses as those that bought the awfully tacky St George window flags last summer. Comic Relief would have made a fortune – oh and yes my girlfriend's car (I can’t drive) does sport a red nose – oh and has a spare in the cupboard for when the lovely caramel smell runs out!

P.S. Is the Pope ill or something?

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