Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Good Food/Bad Food

So last week in a news story straight out of The Simpsons we were told that soft drinks were deadly but we wouldn’t be told which brands were the offenders. Today comes the news that more than two cups of coffee a day will kill you. (See todays Times.) It seems that scientists are on a mission to prove that everything we ever touch or use will kill us. The soft drink scare doesn’t particularly bother me I’ve found myself drinking more water and cordials (one of my favourite words) in the last 12 months anyway. The coffee one does. I’m a coffee-a-holic. Starbucks is my temple.

What’s more annoying is that the boffins do tend to contradict themselves. Crisps are more risky to eat than an apple as far as fat content goes but then again a bag of crisps have more vitamin C than an apple. A plate of chips has less calories than chocolate but if you’re on the Atkins diet chips are a no no.

I’m just sick of scientists telling us what’s bad or deadly for us. Instead of wasting time and energy telling us what, to be honest is bloody obvious. Why can’t they spend their time searching for cures for cancer, aids or heart disease?

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