Monday, March 20, 2006

Where Have All The Swear Words Gone

Cast your mind back to the age of 10. How good did you feel uttering the word ‘shit’. Or even’bloody’. What about ‘piss’? There were true swear words. You’d get told off by your parents for saying them and they were strictly frowned up on. Nowadays they seem commonplace. I often overhear young mothers using them in front of, and even at their kids.

Words such as “f*ck and “c*nt” are obviously still taboo but slowly they are creeping into television more and more. ‘F*ck’ is no longer bleeped out after 9pm an sure sign that it is no longer the vile word it once was.

The problem is for people like me who rarely swear it’s hard to get true impact when you need it. I vivdly remember the first time I used ‘f*ck’ infront of my mates. There was a sudden silence and they knew I was deadly serious. This is the power swear words should have in the language but thanks to the dirty mouths of the chav society the words have lost their impact.

In ten years time it wouldn’t surprise me if children’s programmes are littered with foul language. It is time, I feel, that a new batch of expletives were created to replace those that we’ve become desensitised to.

Any ideas?

I quite like ‘Fraq’ or ‘twak’. Of course I’m sure you could think of better ones.

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