Sunday, March 26, 2006

Streets Of Shame

Why oh why does radio 1 keep deluging my ears with the new Streets track? Simply put it’s awful. Now I know the Streets is a Marmite style love-it-or-hate-it artiste but even the Streets fans I know have had enough of this awful track being rammed down our throats constantly on all the music channels and Radio 1. How can the same person who gave us the fantastic ‘Dry Your Eyes Mate’ be responsible for such a duff record?

I know what the playlist planners are thinking. Massive hits in the past so the OTT airplay justifies it, but isn’t unfair to newer bands who are actually producing some damn fine stuff but get ignored because they haven’t got the previous sales to back them up.

Take The Feeling with Sewn. A gorgeous song that deserved to be number one. While Radio 1 did give it quite decent airplay a bigger push by the commercials would have given it the place it deserves.

Of course the reverse is true. Good records can be spoilt by being over played. With hundreds of singles around at the moment why are the music providers obsessed with constantly playing Madonna Hung Up or Gnarles Barkly Crazy. The latter hasn’t even had an official single release yet and already I’m sick of it even though I actually think it’s a cracking track.
I just think it would be better if the national and commercial music providers streamlined their playlists a tad. Don’t be so biased towards supposedly bankable artists and give more airtime to fresh talent. Oh and please, someone just admit it. The Streets new track is crap.

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