Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's One I Made Earlier

So there’s a load of fuss about Blue Peter badges. Apparently ebay is selling them at a silly price and now the BBC is halting it’s ‘free entry’ promotions to stall the naughty ebayers. Of course, you may remember I wrote about this here.

Spurred on by the news stories I have started my plan of action to obtain a Blue Peter Badge. Obvioulsy I’ve ignored option c ‘grow up’. But did I choose A or B? Will I obtain a Blue Peter badge and fulfil a childhood ambition or will nothing ever come of this plan.
Sadly you have to wait to find out, as do I.
It’s almost as exciting as Wardrobe Watch (which are now complete, I forgot to tell you. It only took 7 days in the end!) but will it be as exciting as the forthcoming ‘Sunflower Watch’? Time will tell.


dazzle_v2003 said...

If you are going to go ahead then I would chose option A and admit you have always wanted one. I don't think you should pretend to be 10 years old. There would be more liekly to give one if honest.
Also, on the note of the badges I totally agree with them. It ruins the uniqueness and priviledge of gaining a badge if you know you can just go and buy something. I know when I got my badge it was the best day of my childhood because it was so special to gain one.

smeg_head said...

But don't you think the plan has backfired? Look at ebay. A few months, even weeks ago you'd be lucky to get five BP badges listed. Now since the BBC's public 'shaming' of the ebay badge trade there are hundreds listed. What was a small problem has now become huge!

dazzle_v2003 said...

Loads have appeared because they want to get rid of them while they have still got the chance. Soon it will definately be stopped. Most of them are fakes anyway!