Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eye Eye

I will stop watching Big Brother on Friday.

The last 3 BB’s I have found completely unwatchable. Last year I vowed never to tune in again but the curiosity of the live launch show drew me in again.

The problem I have is with the meddling. The first 4 BB’s were great but because the forth was classed by the media as ‘The Boring One’ the producers had a knee-jerk reaction – Big Brother must never be boring again. They got evil. Throwing spanners in the works at every turn. Problem is it’s damaging the very essence of the show. It is no longer 10 strangers in a house, what happens? It’s 10 strangers in a house what can WE do to them?

Rather than letting it naturally flow and the groups bond and divide the producers try to twist events and, for me it’s totally irritating. The secret graden, the secret house etc. Re introducing Nicky last year was the final straw for me – totally against the shows ethos.

Last night I saw a promising range of contestants enter the house. They weren’t the hopeless media wannabees of the usual BB instead they were people I actually found interesting. But then Davina proudly announced that Friday would be interesting because the Big Brother family will be going in… once again the producers meddling.

They need to be careful. For many people last year the bubble burst. This series could be make or break.

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