Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One Word Reviews

As normal there were a number of TV shows (or ‘events’ as media PR types now prefer to call them) that were highly anticipated by the viewing public and me over the festive season. Rather than waffle on about them here’s my one word reviews.

Doctor Who ‘The Runaway Bride’: Enjoyable
Doctor Who: A Musical Tribute: Excellent
Torchwood Finale: Awful
This Life +10: Boring
Challenge Anneka: Disappointing
The Sarah Jane Adventures: Great
Little Britain Abroad: Amusing
Doc Martin: Pleasant

And that’s about it really. Nothing stood out making me want to scream how great it was. In fact most was a let down, especially This Life which I loved back in ye day.

My highlight over the festive period was actually watching ‘Scrooged’, the 1988 Bill Murray film and the mid-way cliffhanger of Battlestar Galactica’s third season.

2007 will be the year that broadband TV on demand will really develop in leaps and bounds so I fear the tradition of the big BBC Xmas day sitcom is now over. RIP Xmas telly.

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