Thursday, January 25, 2007

You'll Have A Gay Old Time

Last week the media, and public, were obsessed with tales of discrimination in the Big Brother house. Anyone & everyone tried forming an opinion on this non-story which to me was nothing more that typical female bitchiness. No offence female readers but get a few girls together for a couple of hours and bitchiness usually follows. (Miss Smeg was the first to agree!)

This week there comes a genuinely serious form of discrimination but it seems the public aren’t as eager to discuss it.

The Catholic Church is telling the government that they will refuse to place orphaned children into gay homes because it is against their religion. This is making my head implode. As much as I respect people that should have the right to believe this is surely a sign that religion is totally outdated.

Not content with being largely responsible for the aids crisis in Africa the Catholic Church will now be actively preventing under-privileged children from finding loving homes. Let’s face it there are a lot of gay couples out there that could probably offer a much more stable and caring home life than some straight couples.

My girlfriend is a Catholic but she’s utterly disgusted by her own religion’s views, hence the reason she stopped being an active follower of the faith some time ago.

The Catholic Church should be celebrating the fact that, in these times of rising divorce rates, there are two humans that are so in love and devoted to one another that they want to share that love with a child by offering them a stable home.

It seems that Church are more worried that the gay couple will corrupt the child and make them grow up a homosexual too – total rubbish. There’s only one unwanted doctrine that’s being forced here… it’s not the gay one.

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