Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pop Princess

It’s 1990, I’m only 10 but I know I hate her. Her dumb squeaky clean, irritating pop tunes. God Kylie is awful. Give me Queen any day.

It’s 1996, I’m 16 and a fan of TV sitcom Men Behaving Badly. I just can’t understand their obsession with Kylie Minogue. Gary keeps going on about how perfect she is. Why? She’s a washed up ex pop star dating a washed up rock star and trying to sound cool with awful indie style songs. Give me Dodgy any day.

It’s 2000. I’m at work. There’s a fantastic tune on the radio. A song that I know will go down a storm if I can get hold of it for my next DJ gig. Come on Mr Radio DJ tell me what it is… oh Spinning Around. Who’s it by? Kylie… what?!

And that’s where it began. My love affair with the Australian Princess of Pop. Each song getting better and better. I thought Spinning Around was great, On A Night Like This even better, Please Stay fantastic then came Can’t Get You Out Of My head and I’m hooked. Tunes that rock my world when I’m Djing and tunes I can’t stop listening to when I’m at home. Oh and those golden hot pants… sigh. When did she suddenly become so gorgeous?

Over the following years I listen more to her back catalogue and although I still cringe at her early Hi-NRG late 80s stuff I’ve grown to love her mid to late 90s Indie-lite stuff especially ‘Impossible Princess’

So my love affair culminated in 2003 when I got her autograph. I though that was the most fanboy I would ever get. Until Xmas Day… Miss Smeg had a surprise for me. Tickets to go and see Kylie live. I’ll fill you in after the gig next week…

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