Monday, January 01, 2007


I am perhaps the only DJ in the land that completely forgot the most important ingredient to New Year’s Eve.

At 11.59pm and 30 seconds there I was belting out Pussycat Dolls to a half full dance floor when my brain suddenly screamed.

“The countdown!!!!”

Bugger. I scrambled to get the radio I’d wired into my mixer earlier on at the right gain just as Big Ben’s chimes started. The dance floor looked confused as the ‘dung’ sounded atop the bass line of ‘Don’t Cha’

I ignored them racing to cue up ‘Auld Lang’ as they all realised it was midnight. Screams of joy and party poppers firing as I managed to hit play. Thankfully my version of Auld Lang has Big Ben at the start so it blended perfectly with Radio 4’s live Big Ben.

If anything it worked better. NYE is always an anti-climax so forgetting the countdown and plunging straight in with the chimes seemed to get everyone into a genuine frenzy rather than the normal halfhearted cheer.

My first track of 2007? Donna Summer: I Feel Love. It’s long intro also blending nicely and filling the dance floor more than Auld Lang.

Happy New Year gang!

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