Saturday, July 07, 2007

Battery Farm

Weird and dangerous forces were at work in the hovel I call home this morning. I awoke to the regular chirping of the fire alarm informing me the battery needed replacing. I was going to go to Tescos so added it to my mental shopping list and padded down to the kitchen. I glanced at the clock and was staggered by how early I’d woken. 6am. Crikey. Only it wasn’t, you see time was at a standstill – the batteries had gone in the kitchen clock too.

An odd but not unusual co-incidence, until I took a shower. I flicked on the shower radio only to be greeted with nothing but static no matter how much I yanked my knobs. A third device that needed a new battery. What was going on?

It’s annoying to have three devices go at once, mainly because batteries are so bloody expensive. Why do they have different sizes too? Why not just one universal size? As I showered I pondered further. What came first, the battery or the torch? It would be daft to release a battery powered torch when such things don’t exist, but like wise who would produce batteries when no items actually require them?!

I shrugged it off and went to cycle over to Tescos… only to find, yep, I kid you not the batteries on my bike lights had gone too! Is my house the centre of a strange power sucking electro magnetic pulse? Perhaps, but more likely the victim of me being a cheap skate and buying tesco value batteries…

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