Saturday, July 28, 2007

Capital Blog

It’s the most time I’ve spent in central London in years, and I got to ride the Tube loads… which I love. You hear the jokes, how crap public transport is but as someone coming in from outside of London I marvel at the tube – how efficient it actually is. All those trains running simultaneously on all those tracks yet there’s so few accidents. I love the architecture of it, the design, the smell, the history.

Also I got to experience the new free newpapers that are now common sites on the tube every evening – it’s good to have something to read to escape the piercing eyes of that slightly weird bloke sat opposite you.

There’s capital radio – waking up to Vaughany instead of Moylesy. There’s opening your bedroom window in the morning to be greeted by the BT Tower. Being able to hop on a tube anywhere and experience loads of culture and history.

In one day we soaked up the sights of the Natural History Museum and the smells of Covent Garden and the colours of Camden.

I love London!

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