Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Lost Cause(way)

If you were shopping in Cribbs Causeway on Sunday… if you drove past four people in blue t-shirts holding signs begging for a lift then I have one message for you. You are all miserable, soul less bastards. I can forgive a lot of you. Those with simply no space for us, or those with children & shopping filling the back seats fair enough, we didn’t expect any help from you. But the dozens of you in empty people carriers, the three of you that offered to give the female 50% of the team but leave us males stranded you lot are pure evil and I condemn you to suffer at least one nasty rash or a very sore pimple in the next month.

We were stuck at Cribbs for 2 hours. 2 Damned hours. 120 minutes that saw our Jailbreak victory ebb away into a humble 30th place.

We eventually got a lift from the pure fluke of knowing someone that happened to be using the Cribbs Causeway MacDonald’s… yes, it is a small world.

So when we crossed that soggy finish line at 6pm we were somewhat solemn. We had one minor victory - £707 for charity – but the buzz we felt of storming into the lead up the M5 that afternoon had long gone.

Still, there’s always next year…

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