Monday, July 23, 2007

Well Read

So it took me under 48 hours but I’ve finally finished Deathly Hallows and what did I think?

Well it’s definitely different, and most of my predictions were on the money too. It started as I predicted and Petunia did indeed have a slightly more developed role. My RAB predictions were bang on. The book did take a departure from the usual Harry Potter tale, and it has to be said I liked it though eventually the constant setting up camp and moving on again did start to get a tad tiresome.

My predictions on Snape were totally wrong however my idea that Voldemort having Harry’s blood sort of became utterly crucial to the plot. Finally I asked why did Dumbledore have the Invisibility Cloak? Again, correctly, this was an important part of the story and set up the reveal for the Deathly Hallows.

It’s been a wonderful 7 school years and I’m kind of sad that the tale has come to an end. There was just one thing wrong with Deathly Hallows though – the epilogue – which was the cheesiest stinking crap I’ve ever read in a Harry Potter book, for me it actually spoilt the great ending to the previous chapter.

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