Friday, July 20, 2007

Potter Predictions

In little under 12 hours I’ll have my soggy hands on a copy of The Final Book, but what of its contents? Hmm, I’ve been pondering this for the last 2 years…

I’m guessing it’ll start with Harry leaving the Dursley’s for the final time. Dumbledore, before his death requested that Harry do this as it is one place he’s truly safe. While he’s there I’m guessing we’ll learn something about Aunt Petunia. She obviously has associations with the magical world…

Harry will leave the Dursley’s to attend Bill & Fleur’s wedding. We’ll learn how badly Bill has been affected by his bite from Greyback. He’ll then begin the quest to find the horcruxes – starting at Godric’s Hollow

I’m guessing ‘R.A.B’ – who stole the horcrux – is Reginald Black. Sirius’s brother.

We have to find 3 more horcruxes. A forth – a locket – has been taken by R.A.B.

This book will probably see a departure from the school year format of the previous 6. This could be why JK Rowling is concerned that some fans may loath it. Of course another reason for the loathing could be the death of 2 main characters… or perhaps a loved character turning out to be a villain. (Hagrid anyone?)

Throughout the series much has been made of Harry having his mother’s eyes. Could this have a lot more significance than merely bearing a resemblance? She blessed him with her love, could there be a physical connection too?

Voldemort used Harry’s blood to return to power. Harry is, of course blessed with Lily Potter’s love. Could the fact that Voldemort has traces of this running through his own veins become a weakness in the presumed final battle?

In book six Snape spend some time drumming into his class the importance of ‘Non Verbal Spells’. I feel these may become very important in book 7. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Snape may have used this skill when cursing Dumbledore with the Avada Kadaver spell. Although he did say this out loud but what’s to say he wasn’t thinking about a different spell entirely…

Why did Dumbledore have James Potter’s invisibility cloak? Dumbledore has the power to be invisible without it.

Ginny & Harry, ahh young love. Will they find happiness or will one die protecting the other?

Kreacher is , apparently ‘very important’.

So, that’s it my thoughts and guesses on what’s to come when I start reading just after midnight tonight. (It’s handy living just 5 minutes from Waterstones.) Still I’ll probably be wrong. Whatever happens it’ll be a shame to say farewell to Rowling’s rich and entertaining universe but it’s been a great ride, all because my flatmate forced me to read it. Cheers Spoony!

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dazle_v2003 said...

It will be interesting to see how many predictions you got rite and how many you got wrong!