Monday, July 09, 2007

Frothy Beverages

Real Ale drinkers. In my mind they’re an odd bunch of pot-bellied, folk music loving, hairy beer swillers. Slurping such wonderful beverages as ‘Old Growler’, ‘King Billy’ and ‘Grumpling Premium’.

I shouldn’t be so keen to paint people with a stereotype – as a proud science fiction geek I’m part of a social group that’s prone to such lazy presumptions myself. Usually from the direction of up their own arse critics AA Gill who fears anything that he doesn’t get.

Anyway I couldn’t be further from the truth as, on Friday, I ventured to Camra’s 3rd annual ‘Beer On The Wye’ event. A chance to sample over 150 beers, perrys and ciders.

It was great fun, a lively band and a diverse mix of people. Some of the ciders were truly awful but others absolutely gorgeous. I also got a chance to sample a ‘rare breed burger’ hmm. Does that mean it was undercooked or was I eating part of a Dodo? Anyway it was tangy but tasty – much like the perry!

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