Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Big Brother Views....

So last night saw the event the nation has been waiting 5 years for – sex on Big Brother. After five years what to we get? A fumble under a table.
The thing is this year has really proven than sex is unneeded on Big Brother. It’s the playing of the game that interests me. Like most of the nation I agree that Jay & Victor are pricks of the highest magnitude but they have expertly played the game. I would argue that they are not as clever as they think they are – it’s more like the rest of the house is dumber.
The house politics have been fascinating, the whole Harem Vs Jungle Cats has stood up to the basic premise of Big Brother way better than ever before. However what has been cringeworthy is Bunny boiler Michelle’s relationship with ‘aren’t I intelligent’ Stuart.
Big Brother 2’s relationship of Helen & Paul was endearing. They were watchable. The BB5 version is quite the opposite – it’s sickening. Michelle’s odd shaped head is off putting to begin with but the way she fawns over Stuart is tiring. Her obsession with being the bride showed her at her lowest and made it the first time I had to give up watching. Stuart meanwhile is the most pathetic contestant in history. He’s scared of Michelle’s advances – signalling this is probably his first ever experience with the opposite sex but keeps leading her on. He came in bragging of his intelligence but has failed to display any signs of it. He’s common sense is non-existent and he prefers to play cowboys & Indians. He hasn’t done anything memorable yet, instead he just sits there being very very boring.
This week I feel it is time for Jay to go – it would be great to see a different side to Victor without his co-Jungle Cat. Will Victor fall into line and become more subdued or will he be more outrageous?
Vote Jay, you know it make’s sense!

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