Saturday, July 17, 2004

A Very Nice Day

Today I did two of my favourite things.  First I took my girlfriend's dogs for a walk in the woods.  It really is underrated you know. 90 minutes of quiet reflection and pondering, rolling thoughts over in your head as you smile at the enjoyment a little cairn terrier and westie are having at just rummaging about in some leaves.
Later on in the evening at work I caught up with an old friend. Someone I hadn't seen for two years.  Expecting awkward silence as we try to remember what we used to talk about I went over to say hello. It was like it was only yesterday since we'd met. We talked for ages as she recounted the last 24 months of life with all the enthusiasm and smiley nature she always used to have.  Sorry to sound like Paul Whitehouse but isn't catching up with old friends, well, brilliant!
Big Brother Bit
Well I'm disappointed in you all.  Okay, it is good that Dan's still in.  It means I'm still on course for a sweepstake victory but I am cross that Ahmed was voted out. Never in history have we had the chance to watch someone have a slow but sure breakdown on TV. You had the chance to vote out Stuart or Shell - the extremely boring ones but oh no, you went for the most interesting.  Yes he was annoying as hell but isn't that the whole point?  Big Brother got evil this year, why can't the viewers?

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