Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Radio Ga Ga

I must be getting old. I have started listening to Radio 2.

The reason though it not the music or playlist but the personality. Radio 1 used to be great in the afternoon with Mark & Lard & Moyles back to back. Then the awful Sarah Cox became the mistress of the afternoon and the even awfuler Colin Murray was wheeled in. (Edith is OK though, seems nice and funny – not smug and annoying like her leprechaun side kick.)

So the afternoons have left me listening to Steve Wright – I can bare him. He’s not the funniest bloke on earth but he plays some great music (a mix of modern eg Streets, Rachel Stevens etc and classic 70s & 80s) and often has good topical debate. Also Mark Radcliffe now has a great nightly show at 10.30pm every evening on Radio 2 with bands like Elbow playing live.

The problem is Scott Mills has now moved into the Radio 1 afternoon slot. What do I do? I like Scott Mills, he’s funny, in an ironic way and has some great items – but I’m used to the laid back style of Steve Wright and the great mix of music he offers.

Luckily the BBC have saved the day. Their excellent listen again feature means I need never miss Moyles on days I lie in or miss Mark Radcliffe on evenings I’m working! It also means I can keep up to date on new music via Radio 1 but also improve my knowledge of classic with Radio 2. A bonus when you’re a DJ!

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