Monday, July 26, 2004

My DJ Diary for This Week

Friday – Wes (60), Keeley (27) & Matt (21).
The news that I was booked to do a 60th sent shivers down my spine. The last 60th I had done had been a long slow night. They requested a lot of Glenn Millar and although I had quite a lot of tracks by the missing-presumed-dead band leader extrodinare I wasn’t overly familiar with them, apart from the few sampled by Jive Bunny in the early 1990s.
The came the next shock. Oh and they’re combining it with their Grandson’s 21st.
How do you even begin to cover that musical spectrum? 20 year olds and 60 year old in the same room!? Luckily the genteleman who was celebrating his 60th was a young 60. He’d rather listen to Robbie Williams than Little Brown Jug so that helped. After singing his own rendition of Angels the party kicked off and went well. A nice group and an enjoyable night.

Saturday – Jo & Clive’s Wedding.
We’re having a run of really nice couples lately. Though when ‘Riverdance’ was requested I had a moment of panic – sadly it’s a soundtrack I lack from my collection. Like Chandler from friends I too have a flailing legs phobia.
Luckily the sounds of Lou Reed – Satellite of Love & Lola’s Song did the trick and got them dancing. Over all they weren’t big dancers. The dance floor remained filled by only a handful of dedicated gyraters while the remaingin crowd observed. Luckily for me though they were singers. With Livin’ On A Prayer, Summer of 69 and Suspicious Minds the crowd came alive singing along – while not dancing the atmosphere remained positive thanks to the good lyrical vibe!
Another 6/10

So above average but not me at my best. Next week though is a 21st. Roll on Saturday.

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