Friday, July 09, 2004

Your Money Or Your Life

The mission was simple. I had to get from one end of town to the other. Sadly there were obstacles in the way – five of them to be precise. Five of the most loathed creatures currently in existence. Charity Beggars.

Corporations like Dogfam and Adopt-A-Child-Or-Die-Foundation can no longer rely on charity shops it seems. Nope rather than let us chose to donate our money they now try and force us to give up our credit card numbers. Why?

“Have you got a few minutes Sir?” is the usual innocent question. ‘NO!’ Is my usual reply.

I’m not an uncharitable bugger. If I have some spare earnings I don’t want I often donate it to charity. Poppy day usually receives a bit of my income around November – just my way of thanking the previous generations for defending my freedom and I regularly support & fund raise for Comic Relief as well as the local Hospice & Air Ambulance. What I do not like is being made to feel like scum because I’m not willing to hand over my credit card details to a student with a clipboard in the middle of the street. Charities should use TV, radio & magazine ads to prove they need our money and to prove it will be spent well – they shouldn’t interrupt your daily routine by stepping in your way and harassing you.

What’s even more annoying is that gullible public members must be stopping and donating because they keep insisting on filling my local town with 10 pale adolescents in bright yellow jackets and I am absolutely sick of it. I’m sorry but the minute I am harassed by one of these Charity Beggars I make a point of finding the charity’s name and vow to never, ever donate to them again. So please unite and free the streets of these annoying people by doing the same!

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