Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Drip, Drip, Drip

What a gorgeous sunny day it is today. A day where you want to fling the windows open and breathe in that fresh summer air, sucking in all the pollen and making you sneeze for the next half hour as a result. I have my windows open and a box of tissues on standbye (for the hayfever you dirty-minded things) but this morning there is an evil disturbing this little slice of heaven. Chinese Water Torture. An overflow pipe right outside my window is gushing out enough H20 to revitalise Ethiopia overnight. Today isn’t the first time it has been doing this. The mini-Niagara falls has been present now since Saturday.

It seems this building is falling apart. The people below have complained water is leaking through to their living room from us. I’ve ripped the side of the bath of fearing a leak to find it bone dry, which is great considering the side of the bath was tiled – that’s going to be nice to fix. The washing machine was replumbed 18 months ago and is fine. I’ve traced all water pipes and can find nothing. My best guess is that the sealant on the side of the bath needs replacing, which it will tomorrow.

Perhaps I should return the favour and go the flat above and tell them their overflow is running, although if they haven’t noticed perhaps a 10% off voucher for SpecSavers would be a better idea.

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