Sunday, June 27, 2004

A Fine Day For A Ruby Wedding

Another Saturday, another gig. This week was a 40th Wedding Anniversary. A very gentle affair with the couple choosing to use the time to talk rather than party. I was ordered to keep the music as low as possible and stick to 60s/70s by the organiser. I didn’t mind this but it did lead to problems when the rest of the crowd were requesting chart!

The organisers were a lovely, lovely couple and it is amazing to see a wedding lasting 40 years in this day an age of Tesco Value divorces (I kid ye not – your own divorce kit now available here! Only £7.49 too!)

So a nice crowd but slightly lacking on the old atmosphere – 6/10

BIG BROTHER BIT – Wow, a new housemate – a false Italian one at that. Already Victor & Jay are looking mildly pissed off and could we see a bitch fight between the new Beckie and old Michelle. Exciting stuff. Oh and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Vanessa is out and my sweepstake is safe for at least another 7 days!

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