Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Music Be The Food Of... Well everything!

There’s nothing better in this world than music.

It has the power to unite the power to divide and the power stir memories.

No matter how awful you think a particular tracks is someone somewhere will love it – even list it as their favourite. Also there are some tracks that, the instant you hear them, you remember what you were doing while they were riding high in the charts. It’s is an instant connection to both your recent & distant past.

Many people are very narrow minded about their music. Once opinion is formed they stick to it rigidly. I’d hate to be like that. Personally so far The Streets have done nothing for me. I feel In The Jungle by Tight Fit has more musical ability than any of Skinner’s songs. This opinion is slowly being enlightened by listening to their current release, which is really growing on me.

Lately I’ve had a lot of requests for ‘Ska’ music while Disco requests seem to be diminishing. Is this as sign of the 70s & 80s nostalgia moving on? I like a bit of Madness and The Specials Ghost Town but have never really paid much attention to Ska.

As I’ve always maintained that I DJ because I like the music, not the money I felt I’d better start delving into Ska. There’s actually some good stuff to be found with Harry J & The All Starts Liquidator being high on my list. So many, many thanks to the 4 or so people that have asked for ska over my last few gigs – I will start experimenting with it – though don’t expect Donna Summer to disappear just yet!

Big Brother Bit: Isn’t this years just great? By far the best bro since BB 2. Ahmed slowly going mad, The whole Kitten thing and the Bedsit Babes! The bedsit doors are thrown open at 10pm tonight – can’t wait! Oh and by the way I have Dan in my works sweepstake - so please everyone vote Vanessa!

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