Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A Journey To Oblivion

It was a gorgeous summers day yesterday so I decided not to waste it and voyaged 110 miles north to visit the even more gorgeous ancestral home of the Earl Of Stafford – now lying in ruins. Probably a good job it’s uninhabited as the neighbours – 5 world class roller-coasters and loads of fast spinning rides are a bit noisy.

Yep I decided to visit Alton Towers.

Secretly I’m a bit of a roller-coaster geek. I love them. I visit Alton Towers at least twice a year as well as a plethora of other theme parks. Yesterday was my second visit this year and my first chance to ride the new coaster – Spinball Whizzer. I can highly recommend it too. A bit of a queue but the ride is great fun, as was the refurbished Flume that now ensures all riders get wet thanks to the installation of power showers – something that’s desperately needed on the River Rapids which failed to wet anyone.

Sadly the visit was marred by a few Burberry wearing Chav queue-jumpers but we politely told them where to go.

A tip to add to you’re enjoyment of the Towers – visit their website and download the £10 entry voucher!

Also visit this site for an excellent look at the park and its history.

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